Sunday, October 15

8:45 am  Adult Forum – Church in the World ReportsFall-Welcome-Screen-530x400
Hear from all the folks that went into the world or prepared projects here at UCF about the ministries in which they participated and what the experience was like.  

8:45 am  Bible Study

9:30 am  Choir Rehearsal

9:45 am  Nursery Care

10:00 am  Worship

10:00 am  Sunday School

11:00 am  Fellowship

Sermon:  “When Things Don’t Work Out”    
Guest Preacher Bill Porter

Simple Gifts (Shaker Melody) – Handbell Choir
Treasures in Heaven – UCF Choir; Joyful Sign Choir
Pastorale in F by Bach

Music Notes:
The “Pastorale” in music encompasses a wide range of stylistic, thematic and motivic features. One such association is with the shepherd’s at Christmas, as it is with Bach’s Pastorale. Pastorales also appear in Vivaldi’s “Spring” movement from The Four Seasons, Handel’s Messiah, and there are uses of the term as well in Beethoven’s works – his Sixth Symphony and one of his piano sonatas also bears the appellation. Musically, some common elements include the use of a drone pitch – something evocative of the shepherd’s pipe, as well as call and response tunes in some kind of triplet meter. I find organ pastorales to be excellent seasonal pieces during Christmas, but also a useful metaphor in our autumnal seasons of harvest, thanksgiving and stewardship.  
–Jared Shepard, Director of Music Ministries